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Grace Cummings

Freelance, since 2019

Copy & Content Editing

At Large PR, 2019-Present / Freelance Projects

  • Proofread & correct written content for grammar & punctuation (manuscripts, plays, articles, blog posts, etc.).

  • Review written content & give feedback for readability, plot continuity, sense, & quality.

  • Adjust prose for sense & style.

  • Organize fragmented works into order.

  • Work with author/client to establish style guidelines, plot, content timeline, & overall goals.

  • Meet periodically with author/client for feedback & goal readjustments.

  • Offer ideas & solutions in places where development is needed.

  • Verify factual accuracy of probative claims (scientific study results, poll percentages, etc.).

Writing & Ghostwriting

At Large PR, 2019-Present / Freelance Projects

  • Collaborate with client to establish their overall goals for the theme, storyline, and narrative.

  • Establish a development timeline with client.

  • Organize & compile all information from client into outline drafts until satisfactory.

  • Integrate source materials & ideas into prose based on the approved outline.

  • Turn in drafts to client according to development timeline schedule.

  • Develop open communication to promote timely answers to questions to/from client.

  • Implement notes, feedback, & changes as requested by the client.

Public Relations Editor

At Large PR, 2022-2023

  • Proofread & correct guest posts, interviews, articles, & pitches for grammar, punctuation, syntax, & marketability within 24 hours of receipt.

  • Verify factual accuracy of probative claims (book titles, name spellings, poll percentages, etc.).

  • Adjust/rewrite prose for sense & clarity.

  • Communicate with clients to gain approval & receive feedback on written content.

  • Make adjustments to copy or communicate feedback to copywriters based on feedback from client.

  • Maintain work database (Asana) to keep it updated on project progress & status.

  • Collaborate with writers & PR agents to facilitate projects from step-to-step.

  • Write pitches & press releases when needed.

Special Skills

  • Style guides - MLA, APA, Chicago.

  • Editorial specialties - spelling, grammar, punctuation, continuity.

  • Online databases - Asana, G-suite, Outlook.

  • 70-WPM typing avg.

  • Excellent time-management.

  • Clear & concise communicator.

  • Confident public speaker.

  • Quick study.

  • Highly organized & detail-oriented.

  • Proficient researcher.

  • High work ethic.


B.S. Theatre

conc. Performance & Directing

m. Spanish

Graduated summa cum laude


located at Northwestern State University

Natchitoches, Louisiana

This seminar- and literature-based program focused on allowing students an individualized education, making it possible for me to focus on storytelling in both the practical and intellectual forms. 

Through intense discussion-forward classes, which focused on shaping our writing skills and presentation-focused theatre projects, I was able to hone my practical skills as an editor and writer, as well as verse myself in the art of telling a quality story and highlighting individual voices through that art. 


These skills culminated in an undergraduate thesis, Playwriting, the Right to Creative Power Over History: Ethical or Not? and Emilia, an original play.

Related Experience

Commonweal Theatre Company, 2022-2023
Administrative/Artistic Apprenticeship

  • Assist with administrative duties, as needed. 

  • Rotate between administrative teams; three months spent on each Marketing, Development, and Production teams.

  • Act as Company Manager for Apprentice Capstone Project. 

  • Create and enforce budget for Apprentice Capstone Project.

  • Perform in contracted shows (I Ought to be in Pictures, Leading Ladies, Alice in Winter Wonderland, The Pillowman).

Interlochen Center for the Arts, 2019 
Patron Services

  • Sell production tickets via phone and in-person purchases.

  • House-manage multiple venues across campus (includes managing volunteers, will-call tickets, and programs).

  • Maintain a professionally pleasant demeanor with the public while answering questions regarding the Summer Arts Festival and the school itself.

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