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Book Editing Packages

Full Deal


price est. for a 30k-word book



All packages wrapped into one!


With this deal, start from the very beginning and work line by line, chapter by chapter with Grace until your book is finished and exactly what you want it to be.

No matter what stage you are at with your manuscript, this package will take you through all the stages of editing: Development, Line Editing, Copyediting, and Proofreading. 

This includes:

notes on plot, characterization, theme, & overall story quality

recommendations for manuscript improvement

consistency, clarity, & tone adjustments

grammar, punctuation, & spelling fixes

basic formatting

unlimited revisions

1 meeting per stage - 3 total!

Best for: first-time writers; first draft manuscripts, drafts with no previous edits; authors wanting advice on issues such as characterization, structure, plot, setting, and more.

Covering the Basics


price est. for a 30k-word book

COVERING THE BASICS is focused on ensuring your book is the best quality it can be by fixing grammar, spelling, tense, and punctuation errors. 

By the end of this process, your book will be ready to send off to the printers!

This includes:

grammar, punctuation, & spelling fixes

basic formatting

one round of revisions

one 30-minute consultation

Best for: authors who simply want to clean up their copy; writers who want to make sure their book is publish-ready; non-native English speakers looking to ensure proper English grammar.

Line by Line


price est. for a 30k-word book

The LINE BY LINE package is designed for those who need help in their prose. Sometimes, all the elements are there - they just need refining! 

This is for those manuscripts. By the end, you will have the book you have always wanted to write!

This includes:

consistency, clarity, & tone adjustments

grammar, punctuation, & spelling fixes

basic formatting

two rounds of revisions

one 30-minute meeting

Best for: authors who feel confident in their story elements & just want some help refining the prose

Prices vary depending on manuscript word count and overall manuscript need. Click below to get your FREE QUOTE!


grammar & punctuation

From fixing comma splices, to run-ons, to non-parallel lists, Grace can make your writing something any English teacher would be proud of.



Making sure your content is 100% truth can be difficult. From name spellings to scientific studies you quote in your article, Grace will make sure they are reliable.

narrative commentary


Grace will take note where your story excels and where it needs work. From non-fiction to fiction to self-help, she will help you make your book its best.



Do you ever just feel the need to talk things out? Grace will happily be your creative soundboard to listen to your ideas and work them out with you.

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style & formatting

Sometimes, you just need to get your thoughts on paper, so Grace can take those thoughts and arrange them into a clear, concise, and sensical piece of writing. Plus, she can get your piece publish-ready.



Putting your writing out into the world is a vulnerable thing. Grace will be your personal cheerleader in reminding you that your work has a place in this world.


What TYPES of things does she edit?

Any form of copy! This can range from your fiction novel, to your family biography, to your self-help workbook, to your blog posts, to your email drafts. Grace is here to help you with whatever copy needs you have. 

Does Grace help with formatting? 

Absolutely! Grace can do a basic format for your book to clean it up and get it ready to go to a publisher, and this is something she includes in her basic edit. After that, your publisher will handle any further publication formatting needs from there! 

How long will it take her to edit my book?

That depends! Every book and its needs are different. If you provide Grace with a sample of your draft, your word count, and your page count, she can give you her best estimate for how long it will take. The general goal is to have your project returned within 3-5 business days of receipt, but that can vary. 

Can I talk to her so I can explain more thoroughly? 

Heck yes! She would love to chat with you about your ideas and concerns. As an editor, Grace is here to support YOU! Come with your questions and concerns, and she will do her best to help.

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